We help you reduce risk when hiring new employees

As an advisor and specialist, we assist our customers in all or part of a recruitment process, depending on what the need is. With a large network of specialists in the fields of economics, accounting, auditing and finance, it is just a short step to appointing a new employee.

Successful appointments start with good dialogue

Although we are known for getting things done quickly, we always take our assignments seriously. A thorough process is guaranteed when you work with us. Among other things, it consists of:

Mapping: A good result is related to its starting point. Thorough mapping of companies and competency needs is essential for success. Good dialogue provides common understanding and important input to solutions.

Assessment and Choice: Customers of M4U are given a simple and clear plan. We look after the entire process for you, and we find the best candidates through networks, professional methods and tools, as well as customised marketing.

Advisory service and support: In addition to recognised interview methods and tools, we provide broad professional support in the process of selecting candidates. The goal is always that both the customer and the candidate are satisfied with the process – and that choosing the right person for the job becomes easier.

Follow-up: We provide advice, follow-up and onboarding that safeguards the company and the candidate based on their needs.

Do you want to reduce the risk of costly misappointments?

Large and valuable network

Our continuous mapping processes provide up-to-date knowledge about available candidates. Our portfolio consists of several thousand economists, both in Rogaland and throughout the rest of Norway, which helps ensure access to candidates when hiring.
Customer testimonial
AS Betong:

– We play to our strengths

“M4U asks the right questions from the start. It makes the process better and faster, while I don’t have to spend time on the wrong candidates. The service, understanding and speed are just some of the things that makes me recommend them.”

Sølvi Eltervåg Lie (left)
former CFO at AS Betong

Do you need to appoint a finance manager? A controller? A CFO?

Our portfolio consists of all job categories from graduates to senior executives and specialists. We are happy to tell you more about our process of finding professionally skilled and motivated candidates.

This is Management 4U's process:

Our process is thorough, whether it is a recruitment to a permanent position in your company, or a process in which we will provide consultants. The processes are carried out by finance-educated, certified advisors, who have professional expertise in both HR and economics/accounting/finance

Initial conversations with the candidate


Interview involving the mapping of professional competency and assessment of personal qualities


Personality analysis and capability tests upon request


Obtaining documentation of education and work experience


Background check upon request, via 3 party supplier


Reference interviews with report to customer


Follow-up and onboarding support


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How long does a recruitment process take?

From the start of the process where we map the role until the candidate has signed an employment contract, it usually takes 1-2 months.

How large is M4U’s candidate network?

M4U has a database of economists in Rogaland that includes approximately 3500 profiles. This database is kept up-to-date and is constantly expanding. In addition, our networks are posted on social media. The database and network include a wide range of people from those taking an education to those with extensive experience.

What kind of specialists does M4U recruit?

M4U specialises in economics, accounting and finance. In this broad professional field, we recruit at employee, middle manager, manager and senior management levels.

Whether you need a controller, a business controller, an accountant or a finance manager, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we can have a non-binding conversation about your needs.

What type of tests does M4U use in recruitment?

We use SHL’s toolbox for personality analysis, ability and skill tests. SHL tools are DNV approved.

In addition, we also offer Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (PPA).

Why do we test candidates when recruiting?

First and foremost, to reduce risk when employing people. It is useful and cost effective to use tests when recruiting a new employee. However, it is important that the tests measure the actual thing you want to measure. Our certified advisors can help you choose the tests that will make selecting the right candidate as accurate as possible.

Research shows that tests, along with the other methods we use (structured interviews, reference interviews, etc.), will help make your choice more precise.

We have certified advisors that specialise in SHL assessments and personality tests (OPQ32r- Verify G+) and Thomas International’s Personal Profile Analysis (Thomas PPA).


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