About us

Great commitment to people and professions

We provide recruitment and consultancy services within the fields of economics, accounting, auditing and finance – to all industries. With a large candidate network and a results-oriented approach, we ensure efficient processes in which both candidates and companies are followed up and supported.

The team consists of certified recruiters and experienced economists who are fully committed to their areas of expertise and the people we work for. Since our inception in 2015, we have made sure that many economists have found their dream job and that both large and small companies have found new, skilled colleagues.

We are located in Stavanger.

A niche company with a broad network

From young talents to managers and specialists. From generational transitions to expansion. From someone who can step in, to someone who can challenge or implement change. Our assignments are varied, but the common denominator is people. We provide excellent advisory services to candidates and to the companies we work with.

Overview: We are constantly working to keep our network up-to-date so that we always know who is available for new challenges. In addition, we always keep ourselves informed about changes in professions, systems and needs.

Insight: We are driven by results, but never by urgency. Mapping competency requirements and taking part in good dialogue from the start are criteria for successful employment. Common understanding is the best starting point for a good outcome.

Outlook: Both people and companies constantly develop – thankfully. As a professional sparring partner for people and companies, we follow this development and provide good advice related to both the current situation and the way forward.

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Skilled colleagues and consultants for your company

With customers in most industries, we have broad knowledge of the needs of various companies’ economy, financial and accounting departments. We always focus on finding employees with expertise, motivation and qualities that enable them to thrive in your particular company.

And most importantly: we have a good overview of the economists in the area who are seeking new challenges as we speak.

This is M4U

Aina Skailand

Aina has a lot of experience in the recruiting profession. In addition to having a large and valuable network of economists and managers, she focuses on good processes, good relationships and good tools. But most importantly: people!

“Assurance is important in all aspects of a recruitment process. It is about safeguarding all of your interests, and focusing on goals without skipping important steps along the way. We are a team that works well together, and the customers, candidates and consultants we meet will find that they become part of that team.”

Aina is a DNV-certified recruiter and certified in various DNV-approved test and analysis tools.

Four values for collaboration and team spirit

Our values are at the heart of our corporate culture. In addition to strengthening us as a team, they contribute to good interaction with customers and candidates.
We act ethically
We treat clients, candidates and partners properly. We make long-term plans, with the goal of always contributing to good working conditions for all parties.
We provide clear advice
We see, listen and demonstrate understanding when interacting with candidates and clients. This enables us to be clear and take part in good dialogues, which in turn creates common understanding.
We are competent
In order to provide relevant expertise when meeting the varied needs of our customers, M4U consists of a diverse team of highly trained economists and managers.
We are results-oriented
We will do our best to ensure that you succeed, regardless of whether you are a candidate or a client. Together we make sure that good results are achieved!

Audited Employer since 2017

Being an Audited Employer is a stamp of quality for staffing companies that are members of the Norwegian Federation of Service Industries and Retail Trade. The scheme allows staffing companies to document their quality as an employer through external auditing of routines and practices, with the goal of continuous quality assurance.

As a company with valid audit certification, M4U shows that we have systems in place to monitor applicable laws and regulations, and that we also comply with these in practice. In addition to quality assuring of our own routines, we are pleased to contribute to a stronger focus on employer quality in the industry as a whole.

The areas that are checked and quality assured in the scheme are:

employment contracts


assessment of risk conditions at hiring companies


clarified responsibility for HSE


working hours




overtime pay


duty to pay wages at the end of assignments


sickness benefit


follow-up of long-term sick leave


employment protection

The last audit was conducted in June 2023. Read more about the scheme here.