We help you find the right expertise when you need it

Sometimes, there is a need for an employee to step in, e.g. as a result of absence due to illness, unforeseen requirements or if the company needs special expertise for a period of time. As consultancy specialists, we have in-depth knowledge about recruitment in relation to temporary needs. We have a good overview of different companies’ competency needs, a large network of qualified personnel, and full control of applicable legislation.

The best combination of professions and people

At M4U, no one is reduced to just a name on a list. A sense of professional pride, thorough routines and a continuous desire to create good relationships contribute to predictable processes for all parties.

Breadth: We have helped consultants take on a wide range of roles in both small and large companies, including accountants, business controllers, payroll managers, finance managers, tax advisors, business analysts, CFOs – and many more. Feel free to get in touch regarding your needs!

Method: We undertake a thorough process to identify the specialist who is right for your competency needs.

Follow-up: As an employer, we are responsible for ensuring that our consultants have a safe and well-balanced working life. In close collaboration with customers, we ensure good follow-up before and during the assignment.

Contact us to find a skilled consultant!

Breadth and experience

We have a diverse group of consultants who are permanently employed by us and who are hired out on various assignments. This group is constantly growing which strengthens our expertise.

All interviews are conducted by experienced economists and recruiters. They have extensive experience from the business sector and various industries. We are therefore well-positioned to find the candidate that suits your needs.

This is Management 4U's process:

Our process is thorough, whether it is a recruitment to a permanent position in your company, or a process in which we will provide consultants. The processes are carried out by finance-educated, certified advisors, who have professional expertise in both HR and economics/accounting/finance

Initial conversations with the candidate


Interview involving the mapping of professional competency and assessment of personal qualities


Personality analysis and capability tests upon request


Obtaining documentation of education and work experience


Background check upon request, via 3 party supplier


Reference interviews with report to customer


Follow-up and onboarding support

Would you rather make a temporary appointment in your own company?

We are also happy to help you find consultants who can assist with the right expertise, as well as ensure that the temporary employment follows applicable guidelines.

Do you need a skilled specialist to step in?

Our consultant network is diverse in terms of expertise and personal qualities. We are happy to tell you more about the process of finding the right consultant for your company.
Does M4U have consultants available today?

M4U typically has consultants available at short notice within the fields of payroll, accounting, controlling and financial management.

How do you recruit consultants?

We continuously interview and evaluate candidates. Therefore, we may know the exact candidate that perfectly suits your company, without having to spend extra time searching the market. This will of course vary somewhat in terms of the season and supply/demand, but after our many years of operation, we have an overview of which professional groups are in demand during the different parts of the year, and adapt to this.

Which professional fields do M4U’s consultants specialise in?

Our consultants specialise in accounting, payroll, controlling, analysis and interim financial management.

Who has employer responsibility for the consultants?

M4U has full employer responsibility for the consultants.


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