Candidate reference

Trine Støldal

Systems Advisor at Jansson & Larsson Accounting

– Good communication and honesty

“I was sceptical about starting a process with a staffing agency, but quickly realised that M4U is rock-solid. Aina listens and understands, she sees the individual person instead of a random candidate.

– What was your starting point?

“When we got in touch for the first time, I was happy in the job I had, but had come to a point where development had stopped. The economics and finance industry is a very broad field, so there is always more to learn, and I am a person who likes to push myself. I didn’t want to change jobs just for the sake of it, but was open to new possibilities.”

Trine Støldal is currently a systems advisor at Jansson & Larsson Accounting

– Can you describe the process?
“It has been a very predictable process characterised by good communication and honesty. I have been given good advice on how to build expertise, security and experience in order to achieve my ambitious goals. It has always been clear that M4U doesn’t want me to change jobs simply for them to get a sale.”

– What was the result?
“I am happy to have a sparring partner who challenges me and offers me multiple perspectives, even when I am a bit sceptical about things. Basically, I am really happy about my job!”

Consultant reference

Inger Lise Tallaksen

Senior Accountant at Oceaneering

– A sense of belonging and security

“I have previous experience from a large staffing agency, and M4U has provided me with good follow-up and contact. It is more noticeable in a smaller company.”

– What was your starting point?
“Despite the pandemic, I chose to change jobs, which made the starting point a little more challenging than it might have been. A former colleague recommended that I should get in touch with M4U.”

– Can you describe the process?
“It has been a safe and predictable process, involving good follow-up from M4U that has also had employer responsibility. A few months after our first contact, I got the opportunity to start in a temporary position. I was very well received, and the temporary position was extended several times.”

– What was the result?
“I have received and accepted an offer of a permanent position at the company, and I am very pleased with it.”

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