Customer testimonial

Kim Pettersen

General Manager of Jansson & Larsen Accounting

– How would you describe M4U?

“They are committed to solving our challenges while treating people very well. The fact that they specialise in economics, auditing and finance makes them a very valuable advisor to us.”

“M4U also keeps in touch with candidates for a long time after their employment, no one is forgotten because the process is always in focus. Basically, they treat people very well.”

Kim Pettersen and Aina Skailand discussing new candidates

– A valuable advisor.

“Our experience over many years is that M4U always finds motivated and relevant candidates for us. Their knowledge of the industry, the market and us as a company provides a safe and professional process with good follow-up.”
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– What is the collaboration like?

“Our collaboration is a relationship of mutual trust. Every time we need a new candidate, we turn exclusively to Aina and M4U. They are also a sparring partner when we have potential employees who approach us directly. M4U asks the right, important questions.”

– And what about the results?

“We have received new, skilled colleagues who possess the right expertise and motivation. M4U is great at giving candidates a good understanding of our company. They present the environment in a good and proper manner, which helps candidates settle in and remain after being appointed.”
Customer testimonial

Sølvi Eltervåg Lie

Former CFO at AS Betong

– How would you describe M4U?

“It is crucial that we have a company like M4U, specialising in economics and finance. The industry has many roles to fill, and digitalisation requires completely different expertise than was the case just a few years ago. M4U is good at keeping up-to-date, it has a good pool of candidates, and is small enough to maintain good and personal follow-up.

Sølvi Eltervåg Lie and Aina Skailand

– We play to our strengths

“M4U asks the right questions from the start. It makes the process better and faster, while I don’t have to spend time on the wrong candidates. The service, understanding and speed are just some of the things that makes me recommend them.

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– What is the collaboration like?

“We have useful discussions both at the start and along the way. M4U provides input and contributes with different perspectives than the ones I have – we play to our strengths. They provide diversity in the list of candidates, and it is clear that they know the candidates well.”

– And what about the results?

“I have employed people who I have wanted to work with for a long time. It is easy for me to refer both candidates and other companies to M4U. I know they get a good result when I send them there. 

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Management 4 U AS is a local recruitment and consultancy company based in Stavanger. Founded in 2015, Management 4 U provides specialists within the fields of economics/accounting/finance to large and small companies, the public and private sectors, for permanent positions, temporary positions and projects. Our portfolio includes senior managers, middle managers, specialists, employees and graduates.

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Aina Skailand is a DNV-GL certified recruiter.