Reduce the risk in hiring

It takes time and resources to employ new co-workers. And it gets even more expensive if it ends up being the wrong person for the job. Sometimes it is good to have someone to go to for support when it comes to HR. We can help with this.

Do you need someone who challenges you, so that you can make better decisions? We believe that if we can challenge you, we will find the best solutions together and reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person.

By utilizing good HR tools, methods and tests, we join you in the recruitment process. At the same time, we make sure that the candidates get a good experience in the recruitment process and in meeting with your company. This is important for the company’s reputation.

Management 4 U’s recruitment advisors can help you with your recruitment questions. We are focused on being a proactive consultant and advisor for you.

We have different models for HR collaboration, and we chose the model best suited for your company.

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Tailored plan:
We are flexible, solution oriented, and will tailor a plan for collaborating with you.

Contact us for a recruitment-talk, e-mail or call Aina Skailand, phone: +47 468 36 653.