Privacy policy

As a supplier of personnel and recruitment services, Management 4 U AS is required to document that we comply with GDPR. In this document we provide information about how we will process personal information in accordance with the Norwegian law “Personopplysningsloven of 2018”

In this statement we provide information about: 
Who we collect information about
Which information we gather
How we collect information
Why we collect information
Who we share information with
How long we store information
Your rights
How you can contact us regarding our privacy policy and/or your personal information

This privacy statement applies to applicants and candidates, our consultants and others who receive our HR services, users of our websites, and contacts with our clients, suppliers, and collaborators. 

Information we collect 
Information is collected in various ways, for example when you register in our database or apply to a position through us. We also collect information through events, the «contact us»-form on our website or contact through social media, as well as through our collaboration with clients and suppliers. E-mail correspondence, text messages, and references from phone calls may also be saved in our database. We process personal information about applicants to assess if your profile fits the job you have applied for. This includes information about name, contact information, information about education, work experience, references etc. (CV). It is voluntary to provide us with information. The information you provide us with will have significance to our assessment of your application. We process personal information about our consultants to administrate our personnel, to organize our business, and to comply with legal requirements. We process personal information about former consultants to document our fulfilment of duties as employer if necessary. Information about former consultants will also appear in agreements, contracts, correspondence, and other documentation which we keep and use as a part of our business. 
We process information about contacts with existing and potential clients and suppliers for preparations, marketing, sales, administration, documentation, and to follow up on business relations.

How we use information
 We process information in order to provide our services within temporary personnel, recruiting and other HR related services. Including, but not limited to, answering inquiries, assess applications, guide/mentor, to get people working, and to handle client and supplier relations. It is voluntary to provide us with information. Some information might be necessary in order to enter into an agreement or to fulfil the agreed upon obligations. Some information is also necessary in order to fulfil the obligations in the work contract. We also collect information because we are required to by law. For example, to report and save information in accordance with the Norwegian Bookkeeping Legislation (bokføringsloven), the Norwegian Tax Law (skatteforvaltningsloven), and other legislation (including a-opplysningsloven), or to pay out salaries.

The collection and assessment of personal information is based on our legitimate interest in providing and promoting our services for the benefit of, as well as to communicate with, job seekers, candidates, consultants, clients, suppliers and other collaborators and business partners. 

How long the information is stored 
Management 4 U will send out an update to applicants and candidates who are registered in our database once each year regarding if they still wish to be registered in the database. Anyone can at any time ask to have their information deleted. Please see below for the rights of the registered. We can store information about sales, purchases, or conditions of employments, as a basis for documentation for as long as we believe there to be a use for this documentation. 

Who information is shared with 
Information is stored in electronic files. Information is only available for Management 4 U’s HR-advisors and CEO. We share information about candidates with our clients for possible employment, but only when you have consented to this. This can be done through applying for a position where our client is specified, or by us contacting you regarding a position. We provide Jansson & Larsen Regnskap AS (our accountant and data processor) the information necessary for administering payroll, holiday pay, refunds, and other benefits, as well as reporting to the authorities regarding employment and income. 
We also store and provide information when we have a legal obligation to do so, for example in line with the Norwegian Bookkeeping Legislation (bokføringsloven) and the Norwegian Tax Law (skatteforvaltningsloven). 

Your rights 
You have the right to have the personal information we have stored about you disclosed, if this information contains errors, you have the right to have this updated or corrected. You can also at any time request your information deleted. Some information might be necessary for example to maintain an agreement or consider an application, and some information might be required by law to store in connection with an employment.This will be considered in each case individually. You can read more about your rights on the websites of the The Norwegian Data Protection Authority. You also have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority if you feel like we are not compliant with the legislation (personopplysningsloven). Do contact us first for clarification, contact information can be found below. 

Contact information 
The responsibility for data processing lies with Management 4 U AS (org. nr. 915675 298). Our main office’s postal address is Løkkeveien 107, 4004 Stavanger.

You can also contact us per e-mail to CEO Aina Skailand at or per phone at +47 468 36 653.