Management 4 U’s toolbox contains different types of tests, we are certified in multiple analysis tools.
It can be useful and cost efficient to utilize testing in the recruitment process. A test combined with other methods used (e.g. interviews, reference checks, etc.) can make the selection more precise. There is nothing more expensive than hiring the wrong person for the job.
We execute personal profile analysis, which gives a precise insight in a person’s behaviour at work. This test will help you understand how to utilize the maximum potential in the candidate – and to match the right candidate with the right position, as well as answering a few important questions:

  • What are this candidate’s strengths?
  • Which limitations will affect their abilities to become successful in this position?
  • Will this person be successful in a position which is standardized, technically or qualitatively oriented?
  • Is the candidate result oriented?
  • How much focus on details will this candidate thrive with?

We also execute assessment tests that tells you something about their understanding of numbers, ability to resonate, understanding of concepts and conception rate. This type of test is useful for example when filling positions within the field of economics. We have established routines in using testing tools and ensure feedback to the candidates in line with given guidelines.
Wondering whether you want to use testing the next time you are looking to hire, ask us, we can come to you and present the options and possibilities!

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