Consultant with M4U

Working as a consultant with Management 4 U AS gives you exciting days where you get to develop within your area of expertise.
You will be seen and heard, and you are important to us and to the client where you have your assignment. You will be followed up by your adviser during your assignment, your adviser will also give you input and feedback from the client.
Management 4 U have very competitive pensions- and insurance schemes for our employees. We take care of our employees!
We are aligned with laws and regulations (bemanningsdirektivet and arbeidsmiljøloven) to make sure that our consultants receive the correct pay, safe working conditions and competitive terms of employment. We are a member of the Norwegian Federation of Service Industries and Retail Trade (NHO Service og Handel), and we are an audited employer (revidert arbeidsgiver).

Welcome as a consultant with Management 4 U AS!
We are looking for skilled co-workers to join our team, get in touch with us today!

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