Do you wish to reduce your chances of hiring the wrong person for the job?

Most people who have recruited employees knows that it sometimes becomes apparent that the one who has been hired does not have the competency expected, or the cooperation skills necessary for the position. Quite often, this is due to a less than qualitative recruitment process.
Hiring the wrong person costs averagely one and a half years salary. Yes, you read that correctly! (Stabile 2013)
This is why it can be useful to consider spending a little time and resources on planning the recruitment process itself. By planning and using the correct methodology, it is possible to greatly reduce this risk.
When recruiting for a position, it is primarily important to clarify what are the most important tasks in the job. Then, to determine the qualifications needed to do these tasks. After doing this, it is time to determine the recruitment methodology best suited to be able to find the correct candidate for the job.
This process is what we call the job analysis.
After the job analysis, when drawing up the job advertisement, it is important to draw from the conclusions made during the job analysis, in order to attract the right applicants.
Sometimes, job advertisements read the following:
Example: «the right candidate is precise, structured, outgoing, proactive and efficient.” “in addition, the person must have a large capacity for work, be flexible, have good cooperation and language skills.”

On many occasions, we wish to hire superman/superwoman. In practice, it is impossible to find a candidate who is everything mentioned in the example.
If one has done the proper preparations, and executed a thorough job analysis, it will be easier to strip the list down so that it becomes more specific as to what really is important in the candidate, and also better tailored to the job in question. This will help ease the process going forward.
So, the advice when recruiting is to take the time to do a thorough job analysis, and you will be one step closer to finding the best co-worker.
Good luck!